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Top 3 Reasons "The Copier Won't Print"

Here at Progressive Business Systems we get calls every day that has the reported problem:

“The Copier Won’t Print.”

Let’s be honest. Service calls can be costly, especially when the copier fouls up your business workflow. No one likes seeing the red blinking lights and beeping noises of the machine stuck. It stops you from getting your work done.

So let’s take a look at the top three simple things you can check. They might even help you resolve the problem before you call for service.

PRINTING PROBLEM #1: A job printed causes the print queue to clog up. Common when printing from a web page.

PRINTING PROBLEM #2: Printer driver settings that are incorrect.

PRINTING PROBLEM #3: A bad or faulty network or network connection.

There are times when you click print on your document that, for whatever reason, the copier will get locked up. There are many reasons for this, but the short explanation is that the copier is having trouble understanding your computer. It’s as if your computer is shouting in Klingon and your copier is yelling back in R2-D2 beeps. Neither can understand each other, and so the clog stops up everything.

Here is the simplest way to clear it. Power down the copier. Then go to the computer and clean out the print queue. This is done by opening the printer queue and deleting the print jobs. Next, you will need to restart the Print Spooler. Then restart the copier. Here are the simple steps for restarting the print spooler on your computer:
*IT GUY WARNING* If you are on a big network, you might need to contact your network administrator to do this for you.

Click Start. Go to the Control Panel. Click on Administrative Tools. Double click on Services. Right Click on Print Spooler.  Click Properties. On the General Tab, click Stop. Restart by clicking the Start Button.

General Note:
This usually happens when printing something from the internet. A good habit is to learn how to “Print to File” from the web or save the page as a PDF. Then make sure the file you print is formatted for the proper paper and printer.

Most of the time, this happens when your computer has had an update or a software glitch. To troubleshoot, try this:

  1. Has the right machine been chosen?
    Yes? Go to #2
    No? Choose the correct copier and try again.
  2. Has the correct paper size been chosen?
    Yes? Go to #3
    No? Choose the correct paper size and try again.
  3. Has the correct paper tray been chosen?
    Yes? Go to #4
    No? Choose the correct paper tray based on what paper you have loaded and try again.
  4. Are you using user codes/Has the right user code been entered?
    No, I don’t use user codes. Go to #5.
    No, I forgot to enter my code. Try again.
    Yes, and it still doesn’t print. Go to #5
  5. Call us. 479-471-1771

Loose wiring can be the culprit, or even a downed router or server. The quickest way to tell is to look at where the network cable is connected to the copier. The cable has little LED lights that are lit when the network is transmitting data. One should be green and one orange. Both should be on. If they are flashing, that’s okay as well.

If they aren’t lit or only one is lit, check to make sure the network cable is firmly seated in the plug – on both ends. You can also check the router or network switch to make sure the cable is connected.  Contact your Network Administrator if any of this is not working properly (especially if the router or server is down).


While some of these solutions might sound overly simple, a good number of our service calls are solved by checking through these checklists. And of course, the restarting the copier to make sure it is online and functioning. But if you continue to have problems printing or copying, please don’t hesitate to call us and get expert advice and help. We’re only a phone call away!


We've Reached the Future, So Now What?

Today is October 21, 2015.

Why is that significant? Today is the day 30 years into the future that Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future Part II. If you've seen the movie, you'll probably remember that there were flying cars, hoverboards, self-lacing sneakers, size-adjusting clothes that dried themselves (and you), weird fashion styles, and of course, you could still get a Pepsi in the 80's Cafe!

Who can forget the huge billboard proclaiming that the Chicago Cubs had won the World Series? (If any of you watched the MLB Playoffs game between the Cubs and Mets last night, you know that the Cubs are down 3-0 and have a huge mountain to climb to make that prediction a reality!)

Now this morning, as I was driving to work, I didn't notice any flying cars or kids riding hoverboards on the sidwalk. I still had to manually lace up my shoes when I put them on this morning and I'm still wearing a belt today to ensure that my pants stay up.

Cubs fans have always been touting "This is OUR year!" -- but the sad reality is that every year they find a way to fall short. I'm hoping that this year is THE year.

What about Marty McFly? Well, he doesn't exist, but I'm sure that he went back to 1985 and did his best to ensure that he made wise decisions so his future would be better than what he'd experienced in the future.

With so many predictions that have not come to fruition, it had me thinking about how different the future is than what we anticipated it being. If we're all honest, we'd have to admit that things aren't exactly like we envisioned 30 years ago. But that isn't always a bad thing. While we don't have flying cars, we do have the safest cars in our history, and Google is real-world-testing self-driving cars. Lexus has a working hoverboard that's on my Christmas wishlist.

We have these tiny computers (smartphones) that we hold in our hands everyday which possess the processing power that 30 years ago that technology wouldn't have fit into a room the size of my house. We can instantly communicate with people anywhere in the world - no matter where we are. The technology advances that we've made in 30 years are astonishing.

But what about the next 30 years? What will technology look like in 2045? How simple - or complicated - will it make our lives? What are you doing to prepare your business for the next 30 years? What about the next 5 years? Are you prepared for growth and expansion? What about being prepared for disaster or data loss? What are you doing to ensure that your business can operate tomorrow or next week if your server crashes, the building burns down, or worse?

The sad reality is that most business owners never give this a single thought - until it's too late. Without a plan in place, you're literally just hoping that everything will be OK - much like the Cubs. The truth is that unless you're a DeLorean equipped Marty McFly, you have no idea what the future holds. Your best bet is to plan ahead and make wise decisions for the future of your business. Otherwise, you open yourself up for the possibility for failure when disaster strikes - because it will strike. Technology fails, tornadoes touch down, people accidentally break things. It's going to happen.

The big question is this: Will you be ready to face the future now that it is here? If you aren't ready, give me a call, hit me up on Facebook, or drop me a line. We will put a plan in place to make sure that your business is protected against the pitfalls of the future. Together, we can ensure that your business succeeds for the next 30 years and beyond.

Now, somebody play some Huey Lewis & The News -- it's time to party like it's 1985!