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How Much Do Printers Cost You Every Month?

Most companies have NO IDEA how much they actually spend to keep their printers running – they simply know that it’s a lot! Printers are as necessary for business as having electricity in the office. If you buy cheap, you pay dearly for toner cartridges. Then, when it breaks, you throw it away and buy another one. Otherwise, you make a substantial investment in bigger, more expensive equipment. It’s “Pay Me Now” or “Pay Me Later”! The bottom line is you’re paying, and it’s too much!

There is a better, more cost-effective solution...

What if you knew how many printers you had, how much money you spent on them, and how effectively they were being used? You can, and that knowledge could save you hundreds - even thousands of dollars every year without buying new equipment! With a managed print services program in place, you could eliminate all of the headaches that your printers give you. Let Progressive Print Management make your printing environment better!

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